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Top 3 Ways to Fix iTunes error 3014

These days many people are getting error 3014 when they are trying to restore their device from iTunes. 30XX errors normally means, iTunes is unable to connect to the software updates server. So in this post I am going to show you top 3 ways to fix

Simplest way to Downgrade iTunes (Any Version)

Sometimes you might need to downgrade your iTunes whether it be due to some jailbreak or downgrading the firmware of your device. Currently the new iTunes 12.1 seems to create problems for the jailbreaking community. The newly released version of TaiG, the jailbreak tool, doesn’t seem to

How to Fix Recovery Mode Loop or iTunes Logo on iOS 7 (2 Easy Ways)

Sometimes while upgrading or downgrading your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad through iTunes, your device gets stuck in recovery mode or on iTunes Logo. This usually happens when the device fails to enter into restore mode  due to any iTunes error such as error 3194, error 1600

iOS 7 what is it going to be like

                 Apple enthusiast are waiting for the new OS very anxiously it is expected that Apple are going to release there new OS that is iOS 7 on WWDC 2013. The date has already been confirmed to be 10th of June.

UPDATED Absinthe 2.0.1 Jailbreak For iOS 5.1.1 [How To]

Chronic Dev Team has updated Absinthe to v2.0.1 both for windows and mac. This version is having some error fixes which users were getting previously with v2.0 Supported Devices: iPhone 4S iPhone 4 iPhone 3GS iPad (3rd gen) iPad 2 iPad 1 iPod touch 3G iPod touch

How To use Terminal To Run Absinthe and Bypass Errors

 Chronic Dev Team’s Absinthe 2.0 allow users to jailbreak their devices very easily. But this jailbreak is having minor issues and bugs. We have written a detailed article on  these errors and their easy fixes you can read that article here Hacker @Planetbeing has suggested that running