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How to hide your last seen and online status on Whatsapp (Android & iOS)

Everyone is familiar with Whatsapp as it is one of the most demanding apps in the market these days. When we buy a new phone there are many purposes behind it among which one of the most important purposes is sending texts to your friends and family

Android M

  Android Marshmallow is the official name of Google’s next working framework upgrade. Expect it in the following couple of weeks. The sugar surge is on at Google in readiness for the Android Marshmallow release date in the coming weeks. Since we know the sweet-treat name, we’re

Top 5 Android & iOS Pregnancy Apps for Women

Technology has provided us with a lot of stuff about which we have never thought before. This post will surely be very useful for those women who are going to enter into an extremely new world of their entire life, the motherhood. Following are some of the

How To Block Unwanted Calls on Samsung Galaxy Without Any Application

Block Unwanted Calls on Samsung Galaxy Without Any Application There are several reasons for which you want to block calls on your Samsung Galaxy S3, you may want to block calls becasue you are constantly getting calls from spammers, harassers and other annoying people! In this post

How to fix galaxy s3 wi-fi problems

Samsung Galaxy S3 is one of the best smart phone out there but unfortunately for some S3 users it is not very satisfying because in some of the phones wifi doesn’t function properly. This problem can be related to the router settings but if not then there