WhatsApp is a cross-platform messaging app used by many people. This App supports iPhone by default leaving behind iPod Touch and iPad users. So in this post I am going to show you how to install WhatsApp on your iPad and iPod Touch. This is the easiest way that I have found so far and I hope you will also find this procedure easy to follow.
Note: Please keep in mind  this tutorial will only work for jailbroken devices. You can read our jailbreak guide here.

Installing WhatsApp:

WhatsApp should be already installed on your iPad or iPod Touch in order to apply Cydia Tweak that will allow WhatsApp to properly work on your device. To do this you should be jailbroken since WhatsApp doesn’t show up in App store nor it can be installed through iTunes. So you have to manually install WhatsApp on your device.There are two ways to install WhatsApp manually on your device.

1)Using Installous:

You can use installous to install WhatsApp on your device. Almost 90% of people having jailbroken devices are having installous on their device. If you don’t want to use installous you can skip to method 2. Just search for WhatsApp in installous and download any WhatsApp version from there and install WhatsApp on your device.

2) Using iPhone Configuration Utility:

You can also use iPhone Configuration Utility to Install WhatsApp on your device. Follow these easy steps to install WhatsApp using iPhone Configuration Utility
Step 1: Connect your device to computer and download iPhone Configuration Utility.
Step 2: Download WhatsApp from here
Step 3: Launch iPhone Configuration Utility and  select your iPod Touch from the side and Navigate over to the application tab.
Step 4: Now Click on ” Add IPA ” and browse the WhatsApp file which you have  downloaded earlier in “step 2” .
Step 5:  After selecting the IPA file scroll down and hit install.
Note: After following any of the above two methods WhatsApp will be installed on your device but it will not open properly and you will get a message saying your device is not supported. To make WhatsApp work properly read ” Installing Cydia tweak to make WhatsApp work” section.
Easiest way to Install WhatsApp on iPod Touch and iPad

Installing Cydia Tweak to make WhatsApp work:

Launch Cydia from your iPod Touch or iPad and search for “WhatsPad”.  Install the first result, this tweak is from BigBoss repository. Reboot your device after installation and now WhatApp will work on your iPod Touch or iPad in the same way as it does on iPhone. Just insert your phone number in WhatsApp and you are good to go!

Easiest way to Install WhatsApp on iPod Touch and iPad

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