We will start here from scratch by telling you what a jailbreak is. Well to make it simple, Apple does not allow developers to make apps for the iPhone or iPod that modify the software of iPhone/iPod (iOS) in any way. Android, on the other hand, does not have so many restrictions. On an android, you can even install apps that will turn your android phone into an iPhone. So, different app developers found a workaround for this problem on iPhone. They created a jailbreak.

To be simple, a jailbreak will install an app named ‘Cydia’ on your iPhone/iPod. On Cydia, you will find apps that would have been rejected by Apple to appear on its App Store. There are apps that can change the font of your iPhone/iPod, apps that can give you features like double tapping your iPhone/iPod screen to turn it on or icon on status bar that can show the number of un-read text messages, apps that can change the animations of locking screen or app opening and closing animations etc. Jailbreaking opens up a whole new world of apps for your iPhone/iPod.

The next obvious question is that whether jailbreaking is safe and legal or not. Well, jailbreaking opens a new world of apps for you but it does not force you to install them. So, until you make sure you don’t install any suspicious apps or use any suspicious repositories, you are safe as a un-jailbroken device. As far as being legal is concerned, US state court has made jailbreaking officially legal, saying that customers have paid for their devices and it is their own property and their own right to install whatever they want on it. Don’t even worry about your warranty as jailbreak can be reversed so there is no way of Apple finding out whether you jailbroke your device.

Now that the basics have been dealt with. Let’s start with how to jailbreak your iPhone/iPod. Every iOS that is released by Apple patches the earlier jailbreaks so there is a different method for jailbreaking every other version of iOS. Since most of the people are on iOS 8.3 right now, I will explain how to jailbreak iPhones/iPods that are running iOS 8.3.



The jailbreak of iOS 8.3 is really simple thanks to the group of developers named TaiG. You can easily jailbreak your device on iOS 8.3 by simply following these steps. You do not need any extra materials or anything. All you need is an iPhone/iPod running iOS 8.3, a data cable for your device and a PC or a mac with an internet connection.

There is only one software that you will need to download, named ‘TaiG Jailbreak tool’. Download the latest version that supports iOS 8.3. Currently the latest version is version 2.4.3. You can easily get the TaiG jailbreak tool for both mac and windows from the TaiG website. Just search for TaiG on google and it will be there.

Once you have downloaded the software, you need to make sure that you have the latest version of iTunes. You can get the latest version of iTunes via the Apple Software Updater or from Apple website.

Now for the steps to jailbreaking your device.

First you need to turn off Find My iPhone and Passcode on your device as they pose a problem during the jailbreak. To do this simply go to your device settings and then Touch ID & Passcode and then select the option to turn your passcode off if it is on. Now go to settings and then iCloud and close Find My iPhone. This is important as many people don’t even know that their Find My iPhone is on. You will need your Apple ID and Password for this.

Now connect your device to your PC or mac via the data cable. It is advised that you use a genuine apple cable. Not for advertising apple but because fake cables can cause interruptions in data transfer that will cause the jailbreak to get stuck in the middle. After connecting your device, if your iTunes opens, close it.

Next, run TaiG app that you have downloaded on your PC or mac. It will need an internet connection as it downloads some jailbreak files for your device from the internet, so make sure you have a working internet connection. It will opne and it will recognize your iPhone/iPod/iPad connected to it.

You will see two check boxes. Make sure that you uncheck the bottom tick box before you go to the next step as this will install the TaiG store along with Cydia which is not a safe store and may contain malicious hacking apps.

After unchecking the bottom box, click start.The rest of the work is to be done by the app itself. Yes, thanks to TaiG it’s as simple as this. Your device will just restart a few times and it might show storage full but don’t worry that’s all normal. After a couple of restarts, TaiG app on your PC or mac will show a smiley face and it will show that your device is jailbroken. This is a sign that you are done.

There are some issues that have been reported during the jailbreak. If your jailbreak process gets stuck in between the jailbreak process, first of all you don’t need to worry you can start the jailbreak process from start again it wont damage your device. Now the reason that the jailbreak process gets stuck in between is simply that you did not read the above steps carefully. Make sure that:

  • You updated to latest version of iTunes.
  • You downloaded the latest version of TaiG Jailbreak Tool.
  • You used a genuine data cable to connect your device.
  • You turned off passcode and Find My iPhone before jailbreaking.

If the problem still persists (it most probably would not), then restore your device and then try the jailbreak again.

After jailbreaking your device, open Cydia and update it first before using. There are a plethora of tweaks out there for iOS 8.3 and you would love your iPhone/iPod/iPad even more with the tweaks installed. Enjoy the jailbreak.